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Crumble Cult

It’s episode twenty, baby! Yeah! The little Crumbcast that could!

This time round I have someone to talk to. The subject is video games and their place in society. How did they get here and what does this mean for our future?

This episode is easily twice as long as my previous ones, and has more gabbing and intellectual pretentiousness than ever before. Let’s go large!


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Thought for Today December 20

The fool says, “Put not all youreggs in one basket” – in other wwords, “Scatter your money and your attention”; but the wise man says, “Pull all your eggs in the one basket and – WATCH THAT BASKET.

— Mark Twain writing as Pudd’nhead Wilson

Who is Pudd’nhead Wilson?

Pudd’nhead Wilson (1894) is a novel by American writer Mark Twain. Its central intrigue revolves around two boys—one, born into slavery, with 1/32 black ancestry; the other, white, born to be the master of the house. The two boys, who look similar, are switched at infancy. Each grows into the other’s social role.

The story was serialized in The Century Magazine (1893–4), before being published as a novel in 1894.”

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